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E-File Course- Glasgow

A one day intensive BIA Accredited course where you will safely learn how to use youe E-File machine.

Why train in E-File

- Prevents RSI (repetitive strain injury)

- Reduce filing time which results in extra income as saves on files

- Faster removal times

- Perfect prep results

- Incredible nail retention

- Speeds up service time, freeing up space for more clients, 

1 client extra a day based at £35 over the year is over £8,000 total income. 


What you will learn:

- Parts of the nail anatomy

- Health and safety

- Different Cuticle pieces

- Different Carbide pieces

- Mandral & Sanding bands

- How to set up use your E-File and hand piece

- RMP speed for different drill pieces, and different angles and techniques on using each piece

- How to prepare the nail plate safely

- Removing non living tissue safely

- Using a mandrel & sanding band

- Preparation for infill

- How to care/clean your bits

- How to look after your hand piece


What you will need for the course:

- E-File Machine, any machine is fine but the LP E-File is recommended

- E-File Cuticle Piece Kit

- Mandrel & Sanding Bands

- E-File Carbide Kit

This is a rough guide to what is reguired, a in depth product list and what to expect on the course will be emailed to you after purchase, please read this carefully so you are prepared for your course for the best learning experience.


Course Details:

Course start time is 10am-1:30pm courses may run on

Located: Glasgow, Partick at GTN Academy 598 Dumbarton Road G11 6RJ



Maria Giordano owner of get tipsy nails


Mandatory Entry Requirments: You must have a pre-existing nail qualification to understand this course, such as gel systems , builder or acrylics. Proof of certification must be emailed over to after purchase to be reviewed.  If you have any questions in this please dont hesitate to get in contact with a member of the team via email or phone.


On attendance 

-Students attending MUST attend course with nails on that need infilled and ideally with a full colour ontop for best practice, this can be builder gel, acrylic or hard gel. (NOT GEL POLISH ON ITS OWN) students are required to debulk harder product as part of there course.

- Students are required to work on themselves on course date, this is to ensure you can feel the pressures of the E-File, understand the angles and where to avoid when using. Learning on yourself is the best method of practice in all aspects of nails, here at GTN Academy we strive for student confidence and understanding of skills practiced in our training courses, we are here to help guide you after your course for anything you may not be confident in before practising on clients. 

- BIA Accredited Certification on passing 

- Insured

- You must be 16+


Kit in partnership with Lucy Pastorelli.

*Kit not supplied*


Students must attend course with kit, all information on how to purchase e-file kit will be sent via email on course purchase, including discount code please check your junk folder.

E-File Course

  • Accreditation from BIA

  • Accredited gel polish certificate, Acrylic or hard gel. Please email your entry certificate to

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